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Intro to LinkedIn Videos

“LinkedIn is definitely the last place to start with your video promotion.”

All about LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn video ad specifications:

      • Width and height: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels

      • Image ratio: 9:16

      • File size: 30MB maximum

      • Width: 1080 pixels

      • Height: 1920 pixels

      • Format: .MOV or MP4

      • Resolution: at least 720p

      • File size: 4GB maximum

      • Recommended aspect ratio: 9:16

How to create LinkedIn ads

Follow these steps to create an advertising campaign fit for a king within LinkedIn Campaign Manager:

Open the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and sign in.

Of course you need an account, but you can open a free one.

Create a campaign objective that fits your needs.

There are three types of ad — awareness, consideration (like website visits), and conversion.

Assemble your target audience.

Set up targeting based on job title, company name, or other demographics.

Specify your ad format.

Choose between single image ad, text ad, dynamic ad, video ad, carousel image ad, or message ad formats.

Set up your daily budget.

Decide on a campaign schedule (including an end date) and bid type.

Get creative.

Now that you’ve got the details nailed down, you can decide on your creative. Do you want to stick with a Message Ad so you only have to write copy? Or are you ready to branch out and create video Sponsored Content?

Create your video ads.

. Choose a template, customize your visuals, add music and text, then save. You can publish organic posts natively to LinkedIn, or download your new ad and upload to LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Save your info and launch your campaign.

Then, start to monitor and measure your results. Don’t be afraid to modify your targeting, but make sure to give your initial campaign enough time to gather data. Then keep iterating!

What are LinkedIn video ads’ dimensions?

Landscape (16:9) video ads can be 640 x 360 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels max.

Square (1:1) video ads can be 360 x 360 pixels to 1920 x 1920 pixels.

Vertical (9:16) video ads can be a minimum of 360 x 640 pixels or maximum of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Everything you need to know about LinkedIn ad specifications

LinkedIn text ad specifications

We all know LinkedIn’s top text-based ad formats, like the Sponsored InMail (messages), promoted posts within the newsfeed, and Sponsored Content. These text-centric ads require short, punchy copy and an image. For small businesses in the agency, technology, or B2B industries, LinkedIn text ads can be a great way to reach a targeted audience. 

Generally, you can include an ad image in JPG or PNG format, and provide both a short headline (25 characters max, including spaces) and description (75 characters max, including spaces). 

LinkedIn single image ad specifications

Single image ads can be used natively on desktop and mobile. They look like a standard user post on LinkedIn, but include a “Promoted” content tag. LinkedIn recommends using a square (1:1) ratio for better click-through rates (CTR), and recommends 1200 x 1200 pixels for your image. Remember — vertical images can get cut off to fit LinkedIn’s preferred dimensions.

Make sure your ads are:

  • File type: jpg or png
  • File size: 5 MB
  • Aspect ratio: 1.91:1 (horizontal, desktop and mobile), 1:1 (square, desktop and mobile), 1:1.91 (vertical for mobile)

LinkedIn event ad specifications 

Event ads are pretty straightforward. You can create an Event page to promote a course, workshop, or webinar, then make ads that pull your Event page creative natively into the LinkedIn feed. For B2B companies that make their name with events, using LinkedIn here is a no-brainer.

To create a LinkedIn event ad and run a campaign for your event, you’ll need to have Campaign Manager access.

Make sure your ads are:

  • File type: JPG or PNG
  • Image aspect ratio: 4:1 (cover image) or 1:1 (square in-feed)
  • Recommended resolution: minimum of 1080 x 1080 pixels

LinkedIn Carousel ad specifications

LinkedIn carousel ads, like their counterpart carousels on other social media platforms, are excellent ways to tell a story or craft a narrative over the course of a few slides.

When it comes to carousel ads, the key is to start with an attention-grabbing cover slide and keep viewers interested with beautiful visuals, graphics, and images. Be sure to include descriptive text and calls-to-action so the viewer knows their next action before (and if) they reach the end of the carousel.

You can also use carousels to show off multiple products or inventory, or to showcase multiple events or resources for your LinkedIn community. The conversion action on a carousel might be to register for a webinar or visit your website to purchase.

Make sure your ads are:

  • Image ratio: 4:1 (your image will be pulled from the Event page itself)
  • Event name: 255 characters
  • Introductory text: max of 600 characters

LinkedIn video ad specifications

Though LinkedIn video ads can be up to 30 minutes long, LinkedIn notes that high-performing video ads typically range from 15 seconds or less. Their research found that viewership tends to drop off after 10 seconds, so front-load your video ads with the most important info first thing.

When it comes to content, the sky’s the limit on video ads. You can make short product demos, tell the origin story of your company, share , and more. You can also create different versions of the same video ad — try long-form to establish thought leadership, and cut your ad down into multiple versions to see which one performs best.

Don’t rely on sound to get your message across; most navigate LinkedIn at work or with their sound off. Captions are optional.

Video ads on LinkedIn do have the limitation that you can only upload videos from desktop, not a mobile device.

Make sure your ads are:

  • Video file type: MP4
  • Video file size: 75 KB – 200 MB
  • Length of video: between 3 seconds and 30 minutes long
  • Video sound format: AAC or MPEG4. Captions optional (but recommended)
  • Recommended 30 frames per second (fps)
  • Adding a custom thumbnail is recommended (but optional) 
  • Video ratio: 16:9 (landscape), 1:1 (square), or 9:16 (vertical)


        • Optional name for your ad: up to 255 characters

        • Headline can be up to 70 characters

        • Text introducing your can be up to 150 characters